Bring field conditions closer to decision makers.



Take a measurable image with your BLK3D Imager. Add measurements, text, or markers in the field before sharing images with your team.



Publish measurable images from the field or office to BLK3D Web using the mobile or desktop versions of BLK3D Publisher. Share a link to your BLK3D Web images by text message, email, or embed them in your project software.



Point and click to measure. Add notes, save the marked-up images, and export to JPG.



Work faster. BLK3D Web accelerates communication between field and office.

Publishing to BLK3D Web

Publish from the BLK3D in the field with BLK3D Mobile or publish from your computer with BLK3D Desktop. The workflow is the same: Select the measurable images that you want to share (up to 10 at once) and press the Publish option. When the upload is complete, links to your images are created.

Collaborate on BLK3D Web

Version control is simple: One user at a time can edit a BLK3D Web file, while up to 10 users can simultaneously view a file. Working with measurable images in a browser with a standard mouse is an intuitive experience. Images marked up with text and measurements can be saved for later review or exported in JPG format. Links remain active for 90 days.

BLK3D Web is supported by:

BIM 360 workflow powered by BLK3D Web

The Leica BLK3D integration with Autodesk BIM 360 Docs enables BIM 360 users to utilize BLK3D measurable images (.CMI files) in the issue creation and resolution workflow. Adding 3D images to issues provides a richer context for team members collaborating in BIM 360 and helps accelerate decision making by bringing site conditions from the field into the office.